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French artist, Jenna Martin Rossi lives and works in Landes. After studying textile design in Paris, she undertook an initiatory journey to South America, meeting artisans who taught her their traditional techniques of dyeing, wool spinning and weaving. After training in embroidery, it was at Maison Lesage (Chanel Métiers d’art) that she created, with her hands, embroidered and woven textiles for haute couture and ready-to-wear for seven years.

Painting has accompanied her since a young age, like her attraction to nature in which she escapes. She soaks up the colors, reliefs, materials and movements offered by the landscapes encountered, in their grandeur and details.

Today Jenna Martin Rossi combines painting and textile work in her practice in unique and contemporary creations, through mixed techniques such as weaving, embroidery and collage. She explores the place where materials and colors respond to each other, complement and confront each other, veil and reveal themselves through plays of superposition and transparency.

From these vibrations, these resonances and these movements, works between interior landscapes and the environment are born.






Personnel exhibitions

Colorful Mountains, Private exhibition, Paris.

Solo show, Galerie 1213, Soustons, Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Solo show, Galerie Nicolas Jourdier, Paris.

Group exhibitions

The Occult Magazine, Thibault Tourmente, Jenna Martin Rossi, Place of artistic residence           Le Kontainer, Angresse, Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

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